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gambling_fate's Journal

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name: luxord
alias: gambler of fate
sex: male
hair: white-blonde
eye: blue
height: 5'10
Element: Illusion, Time
home world: port royal
current world: port royal
alliance: Twilight

It wasn't common practice for a mother to walk out of her own son, leaving him in the hands of a father with a gambling problem but that is exactly what happened to Luxord at the age of five. He doesn't remember much about his childhood, perhaps perferring not to except when he discovered a deck of fifty-two playing cards and stolen a pair of dice from his father. From then on, Luxord allowed himself to be lured into the world of gambling, however he made a solemn vow to be intelligent with his gambles, promising himself to never follow his father's path in life to die as a stinking drunk with no money or fame.

While Luxord takes to a life of leisure pretty well, he finds he can't always stay in one place for too long. Be it this irking feeling that he needs to be somewhere else besides the casinos and bars, places where games of chance have stakes that go higher than just, he always continues following these maddening thoughts to satisfy his almost bottomless hunger for thrills.

Luxord comes off as being quite intelligent despite a lack of schooling, his curiosity for knowledge often luring him to steal books as a child and he taught himself to read and write, with some much appreciated help, of course. Carrying himself as though he was raised as a proper gentleman, not the son of a poor drunk, he also found it quite easy to use his charm and smile to lure unsuspecting strangers into losing more than just a few coins.

His personality towards others is always considerate and charming, however his arrogance becomes sharp and obvious past the first glance. However, this only addes to his careless and laid back behavior, though he's hardly happy-go-lucky. Past his facade, he takes a certain delight in taking from others and charming poor suckers into games of chance.

Luxord also finds himself attracted to tricks of illusions and learned that he has a certain way about it that seems almost unnatural, though it quickly became something to just entertain himself and others. However, no matter how much one may accuse him of using such illusions in his card games, there has yet to be concrete evidence if he actually cheats.

player: erika
personal journal: rosenblood